How to make Walking Bass Lines —Confirmation of chord composition—



Let’s see the chord progression of F blues.
How many chords are used there ?

Though 1 chorus has 12 bars, same chords are used repeatedly. So there are just 6 chords, Following.
F7  B♭7  Bdim(B○)  D7  Gm7  C7

We can see three kinds of chord; Sevens, Diminish and Minor sevens.

Let’s confirm tonic solfa of chord composition.
If you foget, please check Lesson 2 of Music Theory for Beginners.

□7 Seventh 1・3・5・♭7
□dim Diminish 1・♭3・♭5・♭♭7
□m7 Minor seventh 1・♭3・5・♭7

Then, come up with a sheet of paper and a pen !

Seeing pitch names in 3 frets, let’s write where the root (1st) of the chords is in 3 frets.


Next, seeing the relationship on fingerboard, let’s write where the tones composing chords are.


Phew, this is the most important thing.
Could you understand ?


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