Lesson 4 Diatonic chords —7 chords from major scale—


  • Diatonic chords

Major scale has 7 tones. We try to make chords with only major scale tones. Beginning each tones, we can make 7 chords.

In this lesson, we think chords composed of 4 tones, in C major scale (white key of piano.  CDEFGAB).


We can make 7 chords above.

As A natural minor scale has the same tones as C major scale, we can make 7 chords from A natural minor scale.


These chords made from major scale or natural minor scale are called “Diatonic chords”.

In the example above, we dealt with Diatonic chords of C key or Am key. Then, in order to use any key, we write with tonic solfa, taking the key tone as the 1st tone. (we usually use Roman figure in the chords.)


Let’s try to remember diatonic chords of major key.

For your infomation, these above are composed of 4 tones. 3 tones chords are  following.


  • Points

Making 7 chords from major scale

Remember diatonic chords of major key (4 tone chords).


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