Music Theory for Beginners



Hi, I’m Shirosuke. Here I publish “Music Theory for Beginners (Lesson 1 to 8)” explaining Chord Theory, easy to understand.

Handwriting pdf version is here. (only in Japanese)


Lesson 1 Basic knowledge —Pitch name and Tonic solfa—
Lesson 2 What is chords? —Tones composing chords and Rule of writing—
Lesson 3 Key —Hold the key of tracks! Major and Minor—
Lesson 4 Diatonic chords —7 chords from major scale—
Lesson 5 Classification of chord character —suspensive chords and relief chords—
Lesson 6 Chord Progression —Two-Five and Cyclic chord progression—
Lesson 7 Analysis of tracks —”Cherry”(SPITZ) ”Fly me to the moon”—
Lesson 8 Blues —basic and lead of black music—


This document is explanation of music theory about chord, very easy to understand. I think it’s useful for people playng jazz, rock, pop songs, and others. But it’s difficult to understand music theory at once, even though explained clear-cut. Let’s learn one by one with practices. Here is only basic things written (I know only basic things), so if you want learn more, please read “jazz theory workshop” following.
But, the most important thing is own feeling. Theory is just help for understanding or development. You should take care of your feeling “This is better ! Cool !”, than decision by theory. It is the most important to Give out sounds and enjoy it. But if it become more enjoyable, to know theory may be nice to you.


宮脇俊郎著 ベースマガジン
小山大宣著 武蔵野音楽学院


→Read from Lesson 1.

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